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  • HG32 Hydraulic Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

HG32 Hydraulic Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

HG32 is hydraulic climbing concrete placing boom with concrete placing radius 32m, used for placing concrete onto certain place, which is good partner with trailer concrete pump.



Horizontal reach: 28-36m (not Including the end hose), Mode of drive: fully hydraulic;

the climbing type concrete placing boom can be anchored to the floor with Initially prepared holes when working, and it can be lifted itself by its equipped climbing system, one lifting can meet the need of two floors concrete placement.

If the floor area is large, several tower bodies can be installed and move the boom assembly onto relevant tower body to meet the needs of certain area concrete placement and save cost.

Compact structure, easy operation, reliable safety, economical and practical, it can be installed on either floor or lift shaft.

A. Pre-sales service:

1. Selecting the most suitable equipment,

2. Designing your personal machinery according to special construction demands,

3. Training your technicians to operate our equipment,

4. Providing advice to ensure equipment running well in various construction. environments,

5. Making new construction scheme if necessary.

B. Sales service:

1. Equipment delivery transport agent,

2. Equipment quality control before delivery,

3. Introduce our service system to customers.

C. After-sales service:

1. Making the first construction scheme,

2. Installing and debugging your equipment,

3. Troubleshooting on site, prompt and initiative,

4. door to door accessories and parts,

5. Opportunities to get technical communications with our engineers.

D. Value-added service:

1. Overall process and zero distance technology tracking service for key projects,

2. Carry out large maintenance business,

3. Regular equipment checking service,

4. Technology update,

4. Provide professional periodic maintenance standards for customers.

JIUHE HEAVEY INDUSTRY MACHINERY Service Commitments for sold equipment:

1. Dispatch technicians to install and debug equipment in time if necessary,

2. Provide free maintenance service for the products which have product quality problems within a year after the delivery,

3. Provide free operation and maintenance training service for users

4. Provide lifelong paid maintenance service, accessories and parts supply for the sold products.


Delivery pipe dimension(outside diameter×thickness) (mm×mm)φ133×4.5
Delivery hose dimension (inside diameter×length)  (mm ×mm)φ125×3000
Radius of placing boom(m)31.7
Stationary height(to the join between the end of the boom and swivel   table(m)22.7
tower body mast section(mm)750x750
Slewing range(°)360
Power of motor(kw)15
Pressure of hydraulic system (MPa)31
Type of hydraulic oilAW68
The min.Interval   of climbingFrame (m)Climbing3.0
Placing concrete6.0
Mode of operation1.cable   remote control2.radio   remote control
wind speedPlacing concrete≤60 km/h
Climbing≤28 km/h
working temperature0~60℃


HG32 Hydraulic Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

HG32 Hydraulic Climbing Concrete Placing Boom

HG32 Hydraulic Climbing Concrete Placing Boom