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  • Electric Concrete Pump

Electric Concrete Pump

On the basis of mature electric commutation technology,we have developed overall hydraulic concrete pumps with excellent performance. This hydraulic system deletes PCL, constent pressure pump, accumulator and approach switch four parts that are extremely damageable parts in electronic commutation system. It greatly improves the reliability of the machine and makes sure it can work in any hard condition. Our various motor concrete pumps( diesel engine concrete pumps) mainly cover capacity from 30-120m³/h and pressure from 5-20Mpa.



HBT and DHBT series concrete pump

Full hydraulic control features and advantages of the hydraulic system

Extend component life

overall hydraulic commutation system: the alternative commutation actions between pumping and S tube distribution doesn't involve electric signals. Little impact and noise occurs during the commutation, so the service lives of the hydraulic pump and valves are evidently lengthened.

Improve equipment reliability

Overall hydraulic system saves the intermediate process of the electric signals. In this way, the reliability of the whole equipment is greatly increased.

Reduce the failure rate

Full hydraulic commutation system adopts centralized valve plate, the hydraulic valves of main system are centralized in one valve plate. The number of cross-connected pipelines is reduced, the system gets more compact, at the same time the oil leaking possibility is decreased.

Reduce maintenance costs

Full hydraulic commutation system, deleting four parts extremely damageable in the electronic commutation system, reduces equipment maintenance costs.

A. Pre-sales service:

1. Selecting the most suitable equipment,

2. Designing your personal machinery according to special construction demands,

3. Training your technicians to operate our equipment,

4. Providing advice to ensure equipment running well in various construction. environments,

5. Making new construction scheme if necessary.

B. Sales service:

1. Equipment delivery transport agent,

2. Equipment quality control before delivery,

3. Introduce our service system to customers.

C. After-sales service:

1. Making the first construction scheme,

2. Installing and debugging your equipment,

3. Troubleshooting on site, prompt and initiative,

4. door to door accessories and parts,

5. Opportunities to get technical communications with our engineers.

D. Value-added service:

1. Overall process and zero distance technology tracking service for key projects,

2. Carry out large maintenance business,

3. Regular equipment checking service,

4. Technology update,

4. Provide professional periodic maintenance standards for customers.

JIUHE HEAVEY INDUSTRY MACHINERY Service Commitments for sold equipment:

1. Dispatch technicians to install and debug equipment in time if necessary,

2. Provide free maintenance service for the products which have product quality problems within a year after the delivery,

3. Provide free operation and maintenance training service for users

4. Provide lifelong paid maintenance service, accessories and parts supply for the sold products.


Technical Parameters:

Theoretical delivery volumem³/h50606080
Theoretical delivery pressureMpa13131316
Max. delivery frequency/min18222223
Theoretical delivery heightm130150180240
Theoretical delivery distancem400500600600
Type of distribution valve
S Valve
Specification of delivery cylindermmΦ200×1200Φ200×1650Φ200×1650Φ200×1650
Specification of main oil cylindermmΦ125/Φ80×1200Φ125/Φ80×1650Φ125/Φ80×1650Φ140/Φ90×1800
Oil tank capacityL300500500500
Hopper capacityL600600600600
Feeding heightmm1400140014001400
Outlet diametersmmΦ185Φ185Φ185Φ185
Delivery pipe inner diametermmΦ125Φ125Φ125Φ125
Electric Motor PowerKw5590110132
Rated voltageV380 (Customizable)
Fuel tank capacityL150150150150
Hydraulic oil circuit type
Open circuit
Max. oil pressure of main systemMPa25323232
Max. oil pressure of mixing systemMPa14141414
Max. mixing rotate speedr/min24242424
Concrete slumpmm80~20080~20080~20080~200
Allowable max dia. of aggregatemmPebble 50,crushed stone 40
Dimension(length×width× height)mm5270×1860×25806600×1930×21906600×1930×21906600×1930×2190
Pull speedKm/h≤8≤8≤8≤8


Electric Concrete Pump

Electric Concrete Pump

Electric Concrete Pump