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The function of the aerial ladder truck

Feb. 23, 2024

The functions of the aerial ladder truck are relatively many, such as being able to cross a variety of obstacles, can be flexibly telescoped, and can go to places where our manpower is not easy to go. It can also be vertically lifted, and the function of this vertical lifting is realized according to the telescopic arm.

What is the function of the aerial ladder truck?

Because the height of these aerial ladder vehicles can be freely adjusted, it is still very convenient and fast to use. In addition, the vehicle itself still has a certain load-bearing capacity, so it can go up to a person or more people to work together, which improves the efficiency of the work.

Aerial ladder truck can be used in standard plant construction, venue construction, advertising installation, municipal engineering, airport, building curtain wall cleaning and many other fields, of which, standard plant construction as the main application field. Compared with the traditional way of working at altitude, the elevator truck has both safety and economy, which can better meet the basic needs of corporate customers. Under the background of increasing labor costs and improving safety awareness, the industry is entering a stage of continuous development.