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Safe operating rules for Aerial Platform Trucks

Feb. 21, 2024

Aerial work vehicle models are different, switch position, control methods are different, must strictly implement the three principles of fixed personnel, fixed machine, fixed post, and the vehicle into the construction site, must comply with the safety management rules and regulations of the project, obey the unified command and management of the project, without permission, it is prohibited to operate in the construction area.

Safe operating rules for Aerial Platform Trucks

一. pre-job training

1. Operators must receive comprehensive formal operation training, and do a good job of safety technology disclosure as required.

2. Operators should carefully read the operation manual, truly understand the meaning of all signs on the aerial work vehicle, and must keep in mind the content of warning signs, and master the performance and operation methods of the aerial work vehicle.

3. Do five things: know the function of the operation handle, know the emergency measures, know the weight of the vehicle, know the platform load, know the dimensions of the vehicle.

二.Vehicle inspection and test before operation

1. Before starting the device, check the device status. Check whether the liquid level of diesel oil, hydraulic oil, and oil is normal, whether there is oil leakage, whether the lubrication system is in good condition, whether there is damage to the structural parts, blockage of the slide, and other abnormal conditions such as debris and oil on the working platform.

2. Test run: no-load operation of all parts, check the accuracy of each part of the action, the sensitivity of the braking system and remove the air that may remain in the hydraulic system to prevent vibration or "crawling" in the operation; Perform the no-load function test of the platform under the ground control function and the load function of the platform on the platform in turn, and test whether the arm rod and the walking steering function, the alarm system such as tilt overload, the auxiliary emergency power and the emergency stop function are normal.

三. Safety preparation before operation

1. Operators must wear and use safety belts, safety hats, labor protection shoes and other labor protection equipment in accordance with regulations, and have the right to refuse other personnel who do not wear protective equipment in accordance with regulations.

2. Observe the surrounding environment, ensure that the ground is firm and level, and the ground slope must be within the allowable range of the equipment, check whether there are obstacles on the work site, identify safety risks, and ensure that the aerial work vehicle has sufficient scope of operation.

3. Set up safety warning signs and draw up warning lines in the working area.

四.Operation process requirements

1. When the operator enters the working platform of the high-altitude working vehicle, he must close the safety door and then start the car. The operator in the working platform shall not exceed two people.

2. When operating, fasten the safety belt, wear the safety hat and tie the hat strap, and the safety belt can not be tied to other components other than the operating platform.

3. The operation should be smooth, not sudden stop or sharp reversal; If you leave work temporarily, turn off the engine and keep the key properly.

4. In the process of lifting or retracting, when the tilt alarm sounds, the arm rod should be recovered immediately, and no other actions are allowed.

5. In the process of driving, moving and lifting, the aerial work vehicle should pay attention to observe the clearance up and down and around the working area, and maintain a sufficient safe distance from buildings, facilities and equipment, wires and cables.

6. When welding at high altitude, the welding wire should be well insulated, and the welding handle should not contact the platform or other metal parts; When using the hand-held motor in the working platform, ensure that the power cord is insulated from the platform contact part.

7. When abnormal sound, oil leakage of hydraulic system, and function failure of cylinder pump valve occur during operation, the operation should be stopped immediately; When there are people inside the platform, maintenance shall not be carried out. Measures shall be taken to remove the personnel inside the platform, and then maintenance shall be carried out.

8. In case of emergency or failure of the operation button, press the emergency stop button in time under the premise of self-protection.

9. The platform under the equipment should be equipped with an emergency descent rope (the arm car has an emergency electric descent function). When the equipment cannot be lowered, the emergency descent rope (or the arm car's electric emergency descent) can be pulled to lower the platform to the bottom, waiting for maintenance personnel to deal with it.