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Quick solution to the problem of concrete pump truck turret

Mar. 29, 2024

The arm frame system of concrete pump truck is an important part of it, the existence of the arm frame saves the construction personnel's time on site, greatly improves the construction efficiency and saves labor cost. The turret is an important connecting part of the sky pump, when the turret abnormal, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the sky pump, however, in the daily course of operation, the turret will likely be what problems?

How to quickly solve the problem of concrete pump truck turret

Description of the fault:

Day pump in the construction, near control and remote control state, arm frame down, counterclockwise two directions can not rotate, other movements are normal.

Fault analysis:

1, smooth, counterclockwise two directions of rotation are limited.

2, left and right rotation of electromagnetic iron damage.

3, the multiple valve rotating chip there is a problem.

4. There is a problem with the rotating balance valve or the rotating motor.

The use of small pump vehicles in the construction of the project can quickly improve the progress of the construction of the project, so that the construction of concrete projects more convenient, safe and fast. However, the occurrence of engineering machinery or large or small failures also occur from time to time, to solve the failure we should first of all to its problems in a detailed analysis, and then to find the most reasonable solution.