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Operation and use of Ladder lift truck

Mar. 27, 2024

1. When arriving at the job site, first confirm whether there are obstacles or dangerous factors around.

2. If there are no dangerous factors, determine the front or side operation according to the conditions of the job site. When parking, the vehicle should be as close to the building as possible, and the vehicle direction should be parallel to the building.

3. Before installing the equipment, confirm the ground condition. Legs should be installed on a flat, solid road.

4. Put the blocking lever in the neutral position and confirm the handbrake. Pull up the handbrake and pad under the wheel. In particular, when parking on a ramp, you must stow some wood.

Operation and use of Ladder lift truck

5. Turn on the emergency lights to remind the vehicles and pedestrians while driving.

6. Select the vehicle position and confirm the handbrake state. After the engine is started, press the clutch and open the power take-off.

7. Switch the direction switching valve to the O / R (outrigger) position.

8. Lower the 4 legs to the ground by operating the outriggers.

9. In order to keep the equipment level, while looking at the spirit level, use the 4 outrigger operation levers to pull up or down respectively to move the air bubbles in the spirit level tube to the middle.