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  • JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine
  • JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine
  • JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine
  • JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine

JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine

As different country has different requirements on truck, on wet shotcrete machine, we research and develop one engineering chassis type model, The spraying volume can reach 25-30m3/h, spraying height 16m. World famous original parts and components.Motor and diesel double engine system, can change quickly as per need, well-adapted. Which is your new reliable choice for concrete spraying construction.



As a new generation JIUHE produced engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine, which is researched and developed after synthesizing wet shotcrete machine technology domestic and oversea, solving spraying deficiency that traditional small shotcrete machine cannot meet concrete spraying need in long and big tunnel, vastly improving the working environment for workers inside tunnel, increasing working efficiency, reducing concrete consumption, truly ensuring working quality, double power working system, lower carbon emission, Suiting environmental protection concept. JIUHE engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine is best choice for tunnel construction like water conservancy and hydropower, railway, highway and so on.


                                             JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine
Whole machine performanceMax. theoretic delivery volumem³/h30
Max. theoretic delivery pressureMpa7.5
spraying heightM16
Main oil cylinder dia./stroke dia.mm90/180
concerete cylinder dia.mm180
distribution valve typeS Valve
total weightKg20000(without oil)
max.aggregate sizemm25
delivery pipe dia.mm125~80
Chassis systemWork driving mode
electromotor+diesel  emergency system
diesel powerKw93
chassis model
JIUHE Produced Engineering chassis
chassis wheelbasemm4500
max. driving speedKm/h20
min. turning radiusminner2.4outer5.72
electric systemelectromotor typethree-phase asynchronous motor
related powerKw75
related voltage/frenquency380V-50Hz
hydraulic systemmodefull hydraulic reversing open hydraulic system
pumping oil pressureMpa31.5
hydraulic oil tank available capaictyL600
cool typeFan cool
boom systemturret rotation angle-5°~+290°
big boom pitching   angle-30°~+60°
mid   boom pitching angle(compare with big boom)-120°~+30°
small   boom rotation angle-60°~+180°
front boom stretch lengthmm2000
Rear boom Stretch lengthmm2000


JHGHP30 Engineering chassis wet shotcrete machine