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  • 38M Aerial Lift Truck
  • 38M Aerial Lift Truck

38M Aerial Lift Truck

38M Aerial Lift truck for sale Basic functional security configuration: working truck can achieve platform load 400kg, max. height 36.7m, working platform can achieve auto balance adjustment.



38M  Aerial Lift truck (high altitude working truck) is new product of JIUHE group, set many function in one machine, specification, performance advanced than domestic same level products. Main features as follows:

1. Lightweight design of the whole vehicle, welded with high-strength steel, with beautiful appearance;

2. The boom and outrigger are welded with high-strength steel, with beautiful appearance, large force and high strength;

3. The cylinder-driven chain drives the telescopic boom to expand and contract synchronously, which is fast, stable and reliable;

38M Aerial Lift Truck

4. The front and rear X-X multi-section outriggers have good stability and large span. The outriggers can be operated at the same time or separately, and the operation is flexible. Can adapt to a variety of working conditions;

5. The turntable rotates 350 left and right, and adopts a double deceleration mechanism to move smoothly

6. Automatic control by controller, with display screen, setting protection mode to limit amplitude, safe and reliable;

38M Aerial Lift Truck

7. Double-position operation of turntable and working platform, imported electro-hydraulic proportional speed regulation, manual operation of turntable, working platform equip with Remote control operation;

8. Operation room, safe and comfortable to operate;

9. Getting off and getting on are interlocked, the operation is safe and reliable;

10.  The static hydraulic automatic leveling of the working platform, the hydraulic 360° rotation, and the overweight automatic

38M Aerial Lift Truck

A. Pre-sales service:

1. Selecting the most suitable equipment,

2. Designing your personal machinery according to special construction demands,

3. Training your technicians to operate our equipment,

4. Providing advice to ensure equipment running well in various construction. environments,

5. Making new construction scheme if necessary.

B. Sales service:

1. Equipment delivery transport agent,

2. Equipment quality control before delivery,

3. Introduce our service system to customers.

C. After-sales service:

1. Making the first construction scheme,

2. Installing and debugging your equipment,

3. Troubleshooting on site, prompt and initiative,

4. door to door accessories and parts,

5. Opportunities to get technical communications with our engineers.

D. Value-added service:

1. Overall process and zero distance technology tracking service for key projects,

2. Carry out large maintenance business,

3. Regular equipment checking service,

4. Technology update,

4. Provide professional periodic maintenance standards for customers.

JIUHE HEAVEY INDUSTRY MACHINERY Service Commitments for sold equipment:

1. Dispatch technicians to install and debug equipment in time if necessary,

2. Provide free maintenance service for the products which have product quality problems within a year after the delivery,

3. Provide free operation and maintenance training service for users

4. Provide lifelong paid maintenance service, accessories and parts supply for the sold products.


  ChassisBrand, Model
Wheel basemm3900
  Dimensions and weightOverall Lengthmm8130
Overall Widthmm2530
Overall Heightmm3900
Gross WeightKG16000
Curb weightKG15805
  Working SpecificationsMax. Working Heightm36.7
Max. Platform Bottom Heightm35.2
Max. Working radiusm19 (Rear, 200kg)
Max. Platform Capacitykg400 or 2Persons
Platform Rotatordeg360(Continuous)
Seven-section synchronous telescopic boom
 Structure type
5- Octagonal High tension Steel
Operating type
1-Cylinder+Wire rope
Turntable Slewingdeg350
PowerPump Operation type
P.T.O from the vehicle
OutriggerOperating/ type
Hydraulic, X-X TYPE
Manual lever
 Remote Control
5 channels wireless remote control

38M Aerial Lift Truck

38M Aerial Lift Truck