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Introduction of safety device of pump truck

Aug. 13, 2021

Introduction of safety device of pump truck

(1) Lifting weight indicator (angle plate, also called weight limiter)

The angle indicator of the boom root mounted on the pump truck close to the driving position will change with the elevation angle of the boom. Check the angle between the concrete pump truck boom and the ground, and know the elevation angles of the pump truck boom at different positions. According to the crane's performance table and performance curve, the amplitude value, lifting weight, lifting height and other reference values at a certain elevation angle can be known.

(2) Over-winding limiter (also called super-high limiter)

A safety device installed on the pulley block at the end of the boom of the pump trucks to limit the lifting height of the hook head to prevent winding accidents. It ensures that when the hook is lifted to the limit position, it can automatically send out an alarm signal or cut off the power source to stop lifting to prevent over-winding.

(3) Torque limiter

The torque limiter is a safety device that automatically cuts off the lifting or luffing power source when the load torque reaches the rated lifting torque, and sends out a prohibitive alarm signal. It is a limiter to prevent crane instability caused by overload.

(4) Anti-arm rod backward device and anti-back rod bracket

The anti-boom backward device and the anti-back lever bracket are safety devices that no longer lift when the boom is raised to the maximum rated elevation angle. It prevents the boom from tilting backward when the boom is too large.

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