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Concrete pump truck. concrete delivery pipe maintenance

When using concrete pump truck, it is advisable to check regularly on concrete delivery pipe as follows:

(a) Check whether the concrete delivery pipe is worn and whether the clamp is loose or damaged before each operation.

(b) Check the concrete delivery pipe through the wall thickness instrument. Under the normal pumping pressure (8MPa), when the thickness of the concrete delivery pipe is less than 2mm, please replace the concrete delivery pipe. Do not exhaust the use of concrete delivery pipe till burst, since the sprayed concrete caused by burst may cause hurt. In addition, an experienced operator can check the wear situation of the pipe wall by knocking the concrete delivery pipe via a wooden hammer, but it is prohibited to knock the concrete delivery pipe under the pressurization state.

(c) If it is found that the clamp is loose, please tighten it; if it is found that the clamp is damaged, please replace it. The dropping of pipeline parts caused by loose or damage of clamp may cause personal injuries.

 (d) Before pumping, please fill water to fully lubricate the pumping mechanism. When water flows out of the end hose, fill the mortar till mortar flows out of the hose, and pump the concrete. This pumping mode is mainly for preventing blocking of concrete delivery pipe and prolonging the service life of pumping. It is unnecessary to fill water for future operation, instead, fill the mortar before pumping the concrete.