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  • N9 auto wall putty mortar plastering machine

N9 auto wall putty mortar plastering machine

N9 plastering machine, also called mortar spraying pump, spraying machine and shotcrete machine, is a new-style versatile machine combined with mixing, conveying and plastering together and provided with various accessories. It is widely applied in plastering, grouting and almost all the construction projects for materials such as traditional mortar mixed on site, pre-mixed (ready-mix) mortar, thermal mortar, insulation mortar, coating mortar and self-leveling floor mortar etc.



N9 auto wall putty mortar plastering machine could mix, pump and spray nearly all kinds of mortar with diameter 6mm. L1 pump core is for mortar with diameter no more than 6mm and the pumping capacity could be 20-40 l/min for different materials and ratios.


Using this machine for pumping and plastering could save much time, manpower and improve efficiency. It has advantages of easy operation, high reliability, less floor falling mortar, even plastering mortar and not easy to fall down. L1 pump cores are small and light enough to be moved easily for working convenience on site. Besides, the simple structure makes cleaning jobs faster and easier and does not require any special working condition. So it is our best choice for mixing, conveying and spraying all kinds of mortar and materials alike in construction and engineering projects.


ModelN9 Automatic   with mixer
Pumping   motor5.5Kw
VoltageThree   Phases 380V 50Hz
Mixing   motor3Kw
Allowed   max. aggregate diameter3mm
Delivery   distance50m
Material   theoretical output2.5m3/h
Delivery   pressure30 Bar
Air   compressor0.9kw,250L/min
Delivery   hose diameterØ35mm
Air hose   diameterØ10mm


N9 auto wall putty mortar plastering machine