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According to the actual requirements of most of the domestic rural areas, rural-urban junction and medium and small cities and towns, our company specially studied and developed a new type of equipment-concrete mixing and transporting pump. The concrete mixing and transporting pump is a kind of new type construction equipment which combines the concrete mixing machine and concrete transporting machine.The mixing machine adopts double engine mixing. It can mix quickly and uniformly. It adopts grinding wheel rotation to make overall stability and equipped with rapping device to make complete blanking.



Economic benefit of concrete mixer pump

1. One product has two functions: combine the concrete mixing and pumping to reduce the purchasing cost. 

2. Mix at the site and pump continuously, so that the service efficiency can achieve 4-6 times pumping of traditional fixed mixing machine and concrete transporting pump, so that the construction efficiency is greatly improved and the construction progress is greatly speeded up.

3. In the progress of mixing and pumping, the two progresses can be accomplished by just one operator. Its simple operation and high degree of mechanization can greatly save the manual work. 

4. The total power of trailer concrete mixer pump is much lower than the total power of the traditional agitator + concrete pump and can be very suitable for rural construction. 

5. The trailer concrete mixer pump can be removed conveniently and flexibly. With the powerful maneuvering characters, it can be very suitable for the alternating operation in many construction sites.

6. The concrete mixer pump can be suitable for tenancy and investment as well. It has lower investment cost, more popularity and shorter period of cost recovery. There are users of mixing drag pump produced by Jiuhe Heavy in most of the domestic cities. The products are well received and trustworthy.

Features of concrete mixer pump: it adopts advanced S reversing valve for concrete transporting; its glasses plate and cutting loop adopt high stereoplasm alloy materials for longer service life; its exit pressure is high, so that it can realize the transporting of high-rise buildings and long distance; its hydraulic cooling adopts effective water cooling for convenience of use; it has the function of reversing pumping and can highly reduce the pipe plugging; it is equipped with automatic centralization lubrication system to guarantee the service life of rotation; its electric control cabinet is equipped with cable remote control handle for ease of operation.


Theoretical Outputm³/h25
Max. Pressure on ConcreteMPa6
The type of distribution valve
S tube valve
delivery cylindermm180×800
Oil tank capacityL300
Outlet opening diametermmΦ150
Inner dia. of delivery pipemmΦ125
Pump Motor powerKW22
Mixing Motor powerKW2.2
Max. diameter of aggregatesmm40
Pulling speedKm/h≤8
Maximum theoretical delivery Horizontal distanceM150
Maximum theoretical delivery Vertical distanceM40
Mixer Type
Capacity of charge HopperL350
Capacity of discharge HopperL560
Agitate motor powerKW5.5
Agitate motor speedrpm1440
Hoister motor powerKW4.5
Hoister motor speedrpm1380
Water pump motor powerKW0.75
Diameter of drummm1440
Drum rotary speedrpm15
Charge hopper average hoisting speedm/s0.3
Tread distancemm2200
length ×width ×heightmm4950×2200×2700