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At present, the concrete construction of well/pump room under the shaft and on the mine mainly utilizes mechanical spray pump construction or manual pouring construction. The major defects of mechanical spray pump construction include: large quantity of steel fixing/high labor intensity/poor quality of construction/inefficiency. However, the concrete pump using at the construction site is not applicable in the narrow space of field operation under the mine, because of its large volume/complex structure/high price.



Mining concrete pump

According to the narrow space of the chamber and roadway under the mine, this product was designed for anti-explosion with the purpose of transporting the finished concrete to the pouring site through the pipe. This product is mainly used for concrete pouring construction of the chamber and roadway under the mine, as well as the concrete transporting and pouring operation of other constructions, such as tunnels/bridges and culverts/surface buildings and structures etc.

This product can be used for the concrete construction under the shaft (coal mine concrete pump/metal mine concrete pump/copper mine concrete pump/phosphorite mine concrete pump/iron mine concrete pump/aluminum mine concrete pump/tin mine concrete pump) and the concrete construction of railway and highway tunnel/bridges and culverts/water and electricity/mine/high-rise buildings and national defense etc.


The complete machine profile of mining concrete pump

The HBMG series of explosive-proof full hydraulic version of mining concrete pump adopts motor drive. Its anti-explosion category is Exdl and it is widely used in the work environment of coal mine under the shaft.

Main usage of mining concrete pump: 

1. Used as the concrete roadway supporting/wall thickness filling/floor laying

2. Used as the filling of mined-out area under the shaft 

3. Used for quickly completing the mined-out area isolation and abandoned roadway sealing

4.Used for replacing the wet spraying machine for roadway whitewashing/completing temporary supporting


Concrete theoretic pumping volume(m³/h)305080
Max. delivery height(m)90140170
Max. delivery distance(m)300350700
Max. outlet pressure(MPa)071212
Max. aggregate size(mm)≤30≤40≤40
concrete slump (mm)80-23080-23080-230
Feeding height(mm)137013701370
concrete cylinder(Inner dia.*stroke) (mm)160*700200*1200200*1650
Hydraulic system rated working pressure(Mpa)183231.5
Hydraulic system pumping pressure(Mpa)183030
Distributor valve hydraulic system working pressur(Mpa)1866
Hopper mixing hydraulic working pressure(Mpa)131313
Hydraulic oil tank volume (L)165350500
Noise acoustic power level dB(a))≤106≤108≤116
Overall weight (kg)200036005600
Main motor power(kW)3745110
main motor voltage(V)380380380